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The Care standards commission has now been up and running for a couple of months now, what do you think, tell others about your experience on the discussion board.

The NCSC thinks that paper work should be cut, in its latest press releaase it comments:


Changes need to be made to improve the care standards system to increase protection for individuals and reduce bureaucracy for care providers, the National Care Standards Commission has told the Government. The NCSC's recommendations come as part of its statutory duty to report to the Government about what changes should be made to improve care services.

The NCSC believes the National Minimum Standards need to be amended to cut unnecessary paperwork, close loopholes which could threaten people's quality of care, provide better protection for children and ensure that regulation is appropriate and doesn't restrict an individual's quality of life."  For a full copy of the article of please click here.

To assist in this transition and to help you analyse if you  need to change any aspect of your current procedures we have included links below so you can download the Minimum Standards and Regulations document and also a link to the complete Care Standards Act 2000. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see the Standards and Regulations document, if you do not have this there is a link below to download the software.)

Nurses Agencies National Minimum Standards and Regulations (37pp 190 Kb)

Care Standards Act 2000


For more information on the Care Standards Act visit the NCSC web site by clicking on their logo below